En Blanc

En Blanc

En blanc

Sala Apolo (C/Nou de la Rambla, 113 Barcelona)


En Blanc (In Blank)is a project that connects art, technology and music. It was inspired by the aim of introducing contemporary art in the legendary Sala Apolo for the first time, accessing its usual crowd and making the work interact with both the space and the people who visit it.

Monica Rikic presents apparently blank screens. Thanks to a hack and a pair of glasses, designed by Alejandra Mata and Marta Minguell, the viewer will have a unique and individual experience in which the visuals of David Galar and Gerard Mallandrich will allow him/her to listen to non-existent music, thus creating the work Sonidos ciegos, visuales sordos.

The interaction is a sine qua non condition to be able to reveal the content. Without looking, there is no artwork. Looking through the special glasses implies an individual experience. It is impossible to share it, photograph it or show it. In this sense, the individuality in front of a screen and the relationship established with it, is similar to the one that exists when playing a videogame: in which you have your own experience. This way of living a truly private moment alters the society in which we live, where everything is shared, exposed, and generates the (unreal) need to share everything that we experience with the world.

So what are the screens hiding? Onomatopoeias written, animated in such a way that they end up creating music inside the visitor’s head. Something non-existent as far as sound is concerned, but perceptible through sight. That is to say, it will be the glasses, and not the headphones, that will generate the rhythm. These onomatopoeias in dance will lead us to the humming of a song or a rhythm that will happen spontaneously when viewing the screens. Its rough style fits with the industrial ambience of Sala 3 and promotes a club climax, but formalized from contemporary art.

Thanks to the interactive nature of Sonidos ciegos, visuales sordos, it works by itself within the walls of Sala 3 and plays with the limit of the playful character that makes Apolo special. The project allows the coexistence of public and private by facilitating an individual experience in a room continually full of people. Along with the oxymoron of perceiving the musical rhythm through sight, the work brings together a series of contradictions that foster a unique and immersive experience.





Pics: Vidal Orga and Mireia Domènech
Video: Daniel Barros