Ideas para nada

Ideas para nada (Ideas for nothing)

Ideas para nada (Ideas for nothing)

Artist: Enrique Lista

Ideas para nada (Ideas for nothing) is a participative art intervention. A message appears on paper napkins in quiet cafes and bars of Barcelona, recreational spaces that are both a meeting and disconnection point. The artist Enrique Lista asks in his message that people draw or write an unproductive idea at the piece of paper and then sharing it through social networks, with the aim of generating a collection of discarded ideas. Ideas that otherwise would be lost in oblivion.

Lista questions the everyday legitimated discourse in society and contemporary art,  precarious and full of paradoxes. The project Ideas para nada gives rise to not legitimized and defends discarded the ideas that anyone can have. It is inspired by the current trend of valuing the ideas just from an economic and commercial perspective: an idea is good only if it produces money and is considered a transferable right. Immersed in a long crisis , it’s paradoxical this commercialization of ideas where profitability is a must even for the mental plane.

In this society the entrepreneur is an hero, generator of productive ideas. His lifestyle has a link to the artist, both work for their ideas and their business 24 hours. Interestingly, this absorbing work dedication and constant creativity has been installed in the public imagination as something romantic. This new model of worker assumes alone all the uncertainty and problems that may arise, as the artist, but with a certain glamour. In practice, we all know that this means legitimizing poor working conditions.

Ideas para nada reverses the concept of ‘giving the best of yourself’ to keep leftovers, discarded ideas, fogotten and thus considered unproductive. It reminds us of the ability that people have to imagine, beyond the context in which we are immersed and pressured or demanded to create. All the ideas are valid, without classifying them as worse or better. Betting on the ability of being carried along between thoughts and dreams, struggles for ideas that seemed great for a moment, and pays tribute to all those ideas that emerged at some point in our mind.


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