Encreuaments (Cruces)

Artist: Alba G Corral
La Poderosa (C/ Riereta, 18 2º 08001 Barcelona)
Loop Festival 2015

Ooze presents Siroi Mura (2014), a work by Alba G. Corral represented by Alpha-ville. A work that unfolds through generative code digital images of pictorial tradition. The piece consists of two video works: in the first one images are created from the music, composed by Odil Bright; and in the second piece, the process is inverted: the sound is modified based on the images.

The artist works in Live Cinema, where sound and video act as complementary elements and immerse the viewer into a world of sensations. Image and sound merge going beyond interpretation. Siroi Mura is almost a synesthesic work that crosses the boundaries between videoart and visual entertainment. It shows how Live Cinema opens possibilities in videoart and contemporary art.

There art new ways of consuming culture that lead us into reflecting on collecting as we have understood it so far: Can we consider the commission of a piece of video as a way of collecting? In what measure can we collect a work designed for real time experimentation? Is an eficent way for the artist? Is this a new way of consuming art that can coexist with collecting?

The aim is to bring the work from its natural habitat displaying it in a performing arts place, La Poderosa, in order to observe all the possibilities it has to offer: image and sound; painting and the digital world; arts and entertainment; collecting and commission. A hybrid work that suggests contemporary art trends and the issues that it presents.

Pictures: Cristina Inocencio i Mireia Domènech