At the ART.gif virtual exhibition, we have selected 90 GIFs created by artists, illustrators and designers from all over the world who have adopted this format within their practice.

The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the file that links art, advertising and sense of humor. It has evolved from a decorative and advertising function on the first websites. Today, social networks have made it resurface linked to immediate and fleeting humor.

The exhibition is a reflection on their new artistic uses, often experimental. These are small animations of the new communicative paradigm that are born intrinsically of the digital culture. They are consumed with immediacy and work by themselves as micro works. Like urban art, GIF works can not be separated from free culture, made to be shared in a viral and unlimited way.

The selected GIFs are sorted according to the genres of art history such as drawing, sculpture and photography; which are transformed into animations, 3D renders and cinemagraphs once they are taken to the GIF field. This is a representative compilation of the art GIFs that are currently on the net, a selection as extensible and changeable over time as its medium.


A.L. Crego, Akif Kaynar, Ana Cuna & Luis F. Sánchez, Anna Salmi, Bill Domonkos, Carl Burton, Charlotte Smith, Chris Phillips, Christina Lu, Christina Rinaldi, Clara Luzian (Render Fruit), Clemens Reinecke, Cory Livengood, Damon Scheleur, Dan Hudson, Daniel Harper (B/±DCODEC), Daniel McFarland, Dave Whyte, David Dope, EJ Hassenfratz, Eltons Kuns (theycallmeelton), Erdal Inci, Esteban Diacono, Fabian Denter, George Redhawk, German Gonzalez, Guillaume Kurkdjian, Gustavo Torres (Kidmograph), Hayden Zezula (Zolloc), Helen Green, Ibon Mainar, Ioana Harasim, James Whatley, JeanPierre Le Roux, Jelena Kostic, Jelly London, Joe Maccarone, Jon Jacobsen, Karenina Romez, Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck, Kevin J. Weir, Kostas Agiannitis, Krishna Kumar, Kuba Matuszczak (Turbolenz), Latham Arnott, Lilli Carré, Stefan Grimm (LS5), Magoz, Maori Sakai, Marie Edwards, Marius Krivicius, Mark Pearson, Mathew Lucas, Matjaz Tancic, Matt Corbin, Matt Powell, Matthew DiVito (mr. div), Matthieu Bourel (EK Dojo), Micael-Reynaud, Mike Martin & Roger Young Jr., Mikolaj Kula, MiRon, Nancy Liang, Nicolas Ménard, Nicolas Monterrat, Oamul, Oleg Beresnev, Patakk, Rebecca Mock, Reed + Rader, Robin Davey, Romain Laurent, Rrrrrrrroll, Ryan Gordon, Sam Cannon, Sasha Katz, Sheep Films, Simon McCheung, S|PyroGif, Stefanie Schneider, Sumie Garcia, Tiago Almeida, Tilen Sepi?, Tony Babel, Typical Hope, Uno Moralez, Vincent VIRIOT, Vladimir Marchukov & Dmitry Stolz, Yukai Du, Zack Dougherty.